SMA Serbatoi S.p.A. is proud to be Italy's largest and most experienced designer and manufacturer of tanks. Our manufacturing facilities and experience have earned us a reputation as the leader in the field. We serve a variety of industries including trucks, trailer body builders, crane and hydraulic system manufacturers, construction equipment, agriculture machines, boats and trains.

SMA Serbatoi S.p.A. offers a wide range of products including fuel tanks, air reservoirs, hydraulic tanks, combitanks, carpentry tanks and water tanks. The materials used include normal steel, aluminium alloy and stainless steel.

SMA Serbatoi S.p.A. has been manufacturing tanks since 1963. We are located on the Emilia road, a historical place famous for commerce and industry in the heart of Emilia. SMA has its headquarters here. We started with 4 employees and now we have 170.

The first SMA product lines were designed for a market that demanded top quality, reliability and efficiency. We maintain the same standards today as we did then. SMA Serbatoi have expanded its production lines. We now have two production plants in Italy, covering an area in total of 46,000 sq mts, and one of 30,000 sq mts in Serbia.

SMA staff work in close touch with each other to maintain complete control at each stage of the manufacturing process. The entire production cycle (design, assembly, testing, painting and packaging) is in house so that SMA can control every aspect of the manufacturing process through to delivery.

SMA as a company is constantly improving its high quality standards and manufacturing systems to meet increasing demands within the International market place with strict adherence to International quality standards.

SMA Serbatoi is a reliable and efficient business partner for all Industrial customers requiring superior tanks from the leader in the field. All tanks are guaranteed and individually tested. We have the largest range of tanks available in Europe enabling us to service your requirements. We are able to handle small production runs in accordance with customer demand.

It is the policy of SMA Serbatoi as a manufacturer of containment tanks, that all of our products comply with all regulatory criteria and specified requirements and standards of performance, reliability and quality.